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Why San Diego Relies On Us for HVAC

Customers keep coming back to us because they know we have their best interests in mind. And it doesn't hurt that our HVAC technicians have years of experience in the industry and are fully equipped with the industry tools needed to do their jobs well.

In addition to our many years of HVAC experience and our top-notch resources, we also offer a wide variety of HVAC services to keep your heating and air conditioning going strong. Whether you're looking to get your HVAC repaired, replaced, or simply tuned up, you can count on us to keep your home or business comfortable all year long.

You can trust us for efficient, reliable, and ethical service. Our number one priority is to ensure your complete satisfaction and that your heating and air conditioning equipment is meeting your comfort needs at all times.

Wondering why you should choose Pacific for HVAC service in El Cajon? That we can answer in one word: quality!
Sign up for our Big Blue VIP AC maintenace plan in El Cajon CA to ensure your home stays comfortable.

How does Big Blue's VIP Plan save you money?

When you always make sure your unit is running efficiently, it prevents unnecessary breakdowns in your system, and extend its lifetime. In the long run, this means you will need fewer repairs and will have lower utility bills.


Here in El Cajon, we're no strangers to the heat. We understand all too well that when the summer months roll around, we need to be prepared to keep ourselves safe and protected from the extreme temps. To do that, we simply need to maintain dependable air conditioning. For ensuring you get the best and most reliable air conditioning, have your A/C unit worked on by our experienced team.

We provide top-rated services of all kind to keep your air conditioning running like a dream. These services range from simple repairs to far more complex repairs all the way to full-blown replacements. So, no matter what condition your air conditioning unit is in, you can depend on our experienced HVAC contractors to get it working like brand new in no time.

The intense El Cajon summers can be brutal and even dangerous if you're not prepared to keep safe from the heat. If you want to keep yourself and your loved ones as safe as possible, you need to call our experienced team to provide our quality AC work. We'll ensure that your home is equipped to handle even the hottest summers.

No cold air coming through the vents? AC making weird noises? No matter what's going on with your air conditioning equipment, you can count on us for expert troubleshooting and repair. When the time comes to replace your old cooling equipment, we'll make sure you have the right type and size to keep you comfortable.

Contact us at (619) 535-1128 to get a quote on AC service in La Mesa, San Diego, and El Cajon.


When Old Man winter starts kicking up, you'll find your heating unit to be a necessity for maintaining not only your comfort but also your safety. After all, when the winters dip down into the extreme colds, you need to be sure your heating unit works effectively. To ensure that your heating unit works its best, make sure you leave its service to our heating contractors.

Whether your heating unit needs to be repaired or even replaced entirely, you can count on Pacific Heating & Air Conditioning to handle the work. We'll provide top-quality HVAC services that are guaranteed to get your heating unit working its 100% best so that you and your loved ones can stay comfortable and, most of all, safe when the temperatures dip way down.

Comfort is important to maintain when the winter months hit, and more than that, it's important to maintain the safety of your loved ones. By having your El Cajon home's heating unit serviced by our experienced professionals, you can be sure to enjoy the best comfort and the most assured safety when winter comes.

We have the solutions to keep you warm on those cold days and nights, so don't fret over heating problems. Our technicians repair all brands of residential and most commercial heating systems including gas and oil furnaces and heat pumps. We can also replace your heating equipment and keep up with the maintenance.

Reach out to us at (619) 535-1128 to schedule furnace or heating service in San Diego, El Cajon, and La Mesa.

Residential and Commercial Services

Comfort is something you should expect to maintain in both your home and place of work. It's something you should enjoy no matter what kind of property you're in: residential or commercial. If you believe that, you're in luck. After all, you can always call our El Cajon HVAC company since we offer both residential and commercial services.

A home demands a different kind of HVAC use and care than a larger-scale business might. Thanks to our experienced team, you can enjoy the best usage for whatever kind of property you own. We have the experience and know-how to provide the best kind of work that your residential or commercial property needs.

Your El Cajon area home or business should be as comfortable and as safe as possible. By having your residential or commercial HVAC worked on by the experienced and knowledgeable pros at Pacific Heating & Air Conditioning, you can count on enjoying the best HVAC for whatever kind of property you own. Contact us today for all your residential and commercial HVAC needs.
We specialize in Residential and Commercial HVAC service in El Cajon CA so call Pacific Heating & Air Conditioning.


Check out our Heating repair service in San Diego CA

Quality Furnace and Heater Service from a Dependable El Cajon HVAC Contractor

When you pay to have your heating and ac unit worked on, you'll want to be sure the results are nothing short of amazing. After all, your HVAC setup is one of the most important parts of maintaining the comfort and livability of your home in El Cajon and San Diego. This means you'll want to be sure it continues to run dependably for many years to come.

You can be sure to enjoy the best and longest-lasting heating and AC setup by having yours worked on by our experienced HVAC company. Our experienced team has many decades of experience and are dedicated to providing you with both quality services and top-notch parts.

So, whether you're looking to have your heating or air conditioning repaired, tuned up, or replaced altogether, you can depend on our experienced team to get the work done right.

Don't settle for anything less when it comes to your HVAC work. Instead, give us a call and know you're getting the best HVAC service in the El Cajon area.


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