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10 Things that your Wife/Partner will say if you don’t get Air Conditioning

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There are many practical reasons to have air conditioning installed in your home before the San Diego Southern Californian heat hits.

We here at Pacific Heating & Air Conditioning Inc. believe that the number one reason to get this service is to keep your wife/partner happy! After all, you want your wife/partner to be hot, not hoooooottttt!!!

Here are the top 10 things that you will hear if you don’t get air conditioning soon:

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  • “I hate you John! You said you’d take care of me in sickness and in health but you’re not! There is no air conditioning in our home and I am SICK! Sick of this heat! We might as well get a divorce!”
  • “Why Yes John, yes, I’d love to cook my special lasagna for you tonight but I just can’t. With it being so hot in the house, the oven and stove being on will only add to this…I guess we will have to go out to a nice, air-conditioned restaurant tonight. Again”
  • “I guess we will have to pay for that expensive country club membership; after all, they have a pool that we can stay cool at since we don’t have air conditioning.”
  • “Sure kids, we can sleep outside tonight, it is cooler outside than inside, don’t you agree, John?”
  • “Oh, this heat rash is just getting worse by the minute! Oh well, I guess I will be needing to take money out of the savings to pay for the dermatologist appointment.”
  • “Sorry honey not tonight, it’s too HOT.”
  • “I guess we are going to have to go to the movie theater tonight for entertainment. I’d love to use our living room and the cable that we pay for…such a shame that it’s too hot.”
  • “I was over at Cindy’s house and her husband had Pacific Heating & Air Conditioning over installing an air conditioning unit, isn’t her husband amazing? I’ll bet it gets so nice and cool over at Cindy and Joe’s house that they have to cuddle a lot.”
  • “I guess you’re going to have to drive around me and the kids in the car since it’s too hot in the house. I just wish gas money wasn’t so darn expensive!”
  • “Did you see the picture lil’ Timmy brought home, didn’t it look like the house was on fire? Maybe because our house has no AC and we feel like we are dying. I sure hope child protective services don’t have to pay us a visit. How embarrassing that would be!”

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Don’t be like John this summer, be like Joe and call Pacific Heating & Air Conditioning Inc. for all your heating and air conditioning needs 619-535-1128 or complete our

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