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The Function and Construction of a Heat Pump

san diego heating and air conditioningPacific Heating & Air Conditioning, a trusted San Diego HVAC contractor that serves Escondido homeowners, offers heat pump services, installations, and repairs. Heat pumps are unique because they transfer heat instead of generating it. If your Escondido home requires a heat pump repair, inspection, or installation, hire an HVAC contractor like Pacific Heating & Air Conditioning to assist you with these services.

What Are Heat Pump Systems Made Of?

  • Ductwork – Distributes air throughout tunnel systems in homes
  • Control Boards – Control the heat pumps' heating, cooling, and defrosting modes
  • Indoor Air Handlers – Circulate cool or warm air throughout homes
  • Refrigerant – Disperses within the outdoor and indoor units
  • Accumulators – Switch the refrigerant according to seasonal concerns
  • Outdoor Units – Resemble an AC unit
  • Refrigeration Lines and Pipes – Connect the outdoor and indoor units
  • Compressors – Direct refrigerant through the system
  • Thermostatic Expansion Valves – Manage the flow of refrigerant
  • Reversing Valves – Change the refrigerant's flow depending on whether the system is in cooling or heating mode
  • Condenser and Evaporating Coils – Heat or cool air according to the refrigerant's flow
  • Heat Strips – Serve as extra heating components when temperatures are extremely low

What Happens in a Heat Pump?

Heat pumps consist of mechanical-compression cycle refrigeration systems in which they heat or cool homes according to the directional flow of refrigerant throughout the systems. If an HVAC contractor installs a heat pump in your home, your technician will set up an outdoor unit and an indoor unit. During the colder months of the year, your heat pump will transfer heat from outside to the inside of your house, and during the warmer months, it will push out the warm inside air to cool your home.

Your Source for Heat Pump Services

If you want to learn more about how heat pumps operate, contact an HVAC contractor like Pacific Heating & Air Conditioning, and our qualified HVAC technicians can help you with the concerns you have about the heat pump in your Escondido home.

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