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Frequently Asked Questions about Heating & Air Conditioning

Here are some frequently asked questions and answers from our San Diego air conditioning company. If there is anything else you need to know, please feel free to contact us.

  • What is your HVAC contractor's license #?

    We are licensed in the state of California. You can check our licensing credentials by inputting our license # 926431 into the search website here:

  • Are you bonded for liability and covered by Workers' Comp?

    We are bonded with Business Alliance Insurance Company and are covered by workers compensation from Markel Insurance Company. Call us for details.

  • My AC is making loud noises, is it about to break down?

    If your air conditioner is louder than usual, you do need to have it checked. But noisy air conditioners can usually be repaired if you call for service. It could just be something simple like the motor or a misaligned fan blade.

  • My AC is freezing up, what can we do about it?

    Ice on the coils is a sign that there's a refrigerant leak either on the AC's inside air handler or outdoor condenser. Both have coils that can freeze. Your AC won't work until the leak is fixed.

  • Our furnace makes some rooms too hot and some rooms too cold. What's the problem?

    There could be a number of problems going on with your heating equipment. You may have an air duct leak or blockage. The heating equipment may have been installed wrong. Your thermostat may not be installed in the right location, or the problem could be something else.

    Call our heating contractors to troubleshoot the problem.

  • I'm choosing a new air conditioner, what are split systems and packaged units?

    A split system air conditioner contains an air handler and coil, or a furnace and coil, with an outdoor condenser unit. This is the most common residential HVAC system.

    A packaged air conditioning system has all these components contained in one package rather than an indoor and outdoor unit. Packaged air conditioners are more often used in commercial settings or for multi-family complexes.

  • Can just my outdoor unit be replaced or does the indoor unit need to be replaced with it?

    If your heating and air conditioning equipment is loaded with R-22 refrigerant, we recommend that you replace both units. Otherwise, you can replace just one unit without the other but keep in mind that the energy efficiency in totality will suffer.

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