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Pacific Heating & Air Conditioning are experienced, licensed technicians located in the San Diego area. Not only do we specialize in commercial and residential air conditioning unit installations, repairs and maintenance, we also want to ensure your home and workplace has high indoor air quality and water quality. That’s why we offer the highest quality air purification systems and water purification systems.

Fresh Aire UV

Maintaining clean indoor air is vital for maintaining excellent health. If you're looking to clean up your home's indoor air supply and keep it cleaned up, you need to give the HVAC experts at Pacific Heating & Air Conditioning a call for a Fresh Aire UV system.

UV Lights

One of the biggest and most stubborn contributors of low-quality indoor air is mold and other such growths. Luckily, you can get those growths removed quickly and thoroughly by calling us for UV lighting services. UV lighting will kill those growths, helping to clean up your San Diego home's indoor air supply and keeping you feeling great.

Air Cleaners

To maintain consistently clean and fresh indoor air, you need to have an active means of keeping it clean. And a great active way to clean up your San Diego home's indoor air is to get an air cleaner. An air cleaner will help filter out dirty old air so that your home always smells fresh and so that you always feel great.

Micropure Air Purifiers

If you're looking for an even more active way to clean up your home's indoor air supply, then you might want to look to a Micropure Air Purifier. This device uses a design that actively seeks out and destroys harmful particles in your air supply. Thus, you'll find a Micropure Air Purifier to be an excellent means of cleaning up your home's indoor air.


Oftentimes, the cleanest air can't come from inside your San Diego home. Sometimes, it comes from outside your home right in nature. If you want to enjoy some of that clean, fresh, natural air right in your home, then call us for a ventilator installation. A ventilator will bring in clean air from outside, helping your home to smell its best.

HALO Water System

The HALO 5 is a maintenance free, whole house water filtration and conditioning system. While many softeners are comparable or priced higher than the HALO 5, traditional water softeners are a more expensive, less effective way to address hard water scale and corrosion and actually add more contaminants into household water supplies and the environment.

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