The Real Cost Of Air Conditioning Installation

Should I get an air conditioner installed in my home this year?

This is a common question that San Diego homeowners have as the days grow longer and hotter.

Installing an air conditioner can be expensive but it is a positive investment for your home in the long run.

As you go hunting for installation quotes, there are some different places you can look. Below are the 4 most common places people will generally go to find estimates for air conditioning installation.

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1. Your Craigslist person ($4,000 to 10,000):

Hiring someone from Craigslist will generally be the cheapest route to take, but it will present you with the biggest risk.

When you hire someone who isn't properly certified or someone who doesn't carry the proper insurance, you are risking possible legal fees on top of additional repairs if the job isn't done properly.

Uncertified air conditioner installation will not give you the peace of mind that hiring a reputable company will.

2. The ňúDiscount' type company ($6,000 to 12,000):

Every town has the local company that will always come in as the cheapest installation estimate around. The problem is that to keep cost low, they tend to use the cheapest air conditioning equipment available.

Initially, going with the cheapest estimate will cost you the least amount of money. In the long run, however, you won't be satisfied with the energy-hogging, unreliable AC. There are no guarantees when you take this route, as cheaper parts often lead to more frequent repairs. Most don't offer good warranties or labor guarantees.

3. Your neighborhood Air Conditioning company ($8,000 to 15,000):

The local San Diego HVAC company that everyone has heard of and used at one time or another is probably your best option. They are reasonably priced, but not as low as the craigslist or discount guy. However, they guaranteed their products and services, thus saving you money in the long run with fewer repairs and better quality equipment.

4. The flashy TV advertiser HVAC company ($10,000 to 20,000):

You usually can't go wrong if an air conditioning company has regular TV advertisements. They should be certified, insured, and guarantee their work, but their prices are usually the highest to compensate for their flashy advertising techniques.

making the decision
Making The Decision

As you can see, costs of air conditioning installation can vary greatly in San Diego based on the type of individual or company that you choose.

Your choice will play a huge part in the initial costs of installation and how much you will spend on air conditioning repairs over the next decade.

Choose wisely! Take your time when deciding on the investment, and don't be afraid to ask all the questions you can when you are searching for a reliable Air Conditioning company to do the installation.

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